How to Make a Successful Blog|Earn Lifelong income (2021 Secret)

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Blogging is the best way to start an online income. Do you know you can make different-2 successful blog and can start earning through a different blog?

You can make your blog your authority brand and that can give you lifelong income in multiple ways.
Lakhs of people do blogging but why so many people get failed they never get successful because they are not serious about it. They just get influenced by money/earning from a blog. Then they create something and leave it in between because of no interest. But those who are serious about the blog but failed because of one simple reason that they are not up to date and they don’t possess that right method to glam up their blog.
For a successful blog, you must know the right steps & methods to guarantee success for lifelong income.

how to make money online
how to make money online

So without wasting time, let me tell you how to make money online by the 11 easy steps that will give you genuine lifelong income & success.


Select your Niche/ Topic. I mean to say choose only that topic in which you have some kind of interest or you can think from your heart, for the topic you are passionate about because that particular niche will give you the motivation to maintain consistency & regularity to publish the post. Take your time to choose your niche there is no harm to take time., Ok let me help you in selecting your niche. Sit on a chair & Relax. Close your eyes & think about your passion/hobby/interest. That can be anything like bikes, cars, food, pets, clothing, fashion, education, travel, any hobby. Now start talking about that topic in your mind. If you can speak for at least 7 minutes nonstop. Congrats! You got your niche. If still, you can’t decide the niche don’t worry take extra time. But choose your niche wisely.

Get best Domain & Hosting for blog. You must need a domain & hosting there are lots of websites who are selling cheap & best rate domain & hosting. If you don’t know about what is domain and hosting, then please read my previous blog. This is the only investment used in blogging. Other paid tools are optional. There are lots of free to read blogs & videos out there from where you can increase knowledge in blogging. If your niche pays you at least 35000k in a month, it means you are prepared for any kind of niche website after research to work. This earning will keep motivating you to stay consistent in your blog.

Design your Blog with Theme & Plugins:
In WordPress, you can create a beautiful design without technical knowledge. WordPress also provides lots of free plugins & themes that will level up your blogging journey.

Step 4:
Keyword Research to find long-tail & low competition keywords. This is a very important topic for your blog failure & success. You should not skip this step at any cost. There are lots of unsuccessful bloggers who just take keywords from anywhere and write a blog on that, and their blogs give frustration and nothing else. Research keywords properly & write a blog on that at least 100 blogs in 3-4 months & publish to easily rank on Google.

Write Excellent Content on Research Keywords:
After starting a blog, have the patience for 3-4 months to write quality content with keywords wisely & keep a thing in mind whatever your topic is write the content in so meaningful way so it can satisfy your audience truly. As Google too wants your audience engagement on your post.
Note: Google should show that content based on your keyword that viewers/customer wants to see. In short, your blog should contain the information that a visitor wants.

Step 6:
Spent time before publishing:
Don’t publish your blog/post immediately. Spend at least 45 minutes to organize it properly with the right use of a keyword, images, alt-tab, table, chart, etc. This will help you give lifelong income. First, proofread your entire content. So you can remove technical & grammatical errors. Then do proper On-page SEO. Just target the long tail keyword content. When you have done with the perfect-looking blog, just press publish.

Step 7:
Off-Page SEO:

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